I Blow VIP’s

Black girl phone sexI was up on stage bouncing my ass making the crowd go crazy, when I noticed that a man standing next to the stage was throwing $100’s on the stage like confetti. I knew he would be my choice to take to the champagne room. He was showing me so much love during my dance, I had to give him a private performance. My song ended and picked up all of money off the stage floor. It took me more than a few minutes because there was so much money. I walk over to the big baller and introduced myself. He told me his name was Jim. I told him to follow me and I walked back to the champagne room. I had him sit down on the leather sofa and I drop to my knees between his legs. I pulled his huge dick out and wrapped my big lips around it. I sucked his cock like a porn star, with lots of spit and suction. He stood up and held the back of my head and made me deepthroat his hard cock. His cock was so far down my throat my eyes watered and I gagged, but I never stopped sucking. Soon he rewarded me with a shower of milky cum down my throat. Jim is now an official VIP in my book.

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