I am Such a Dirty Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterGuys ask me all the time how big of a cum dumpster I am. Let me tell you what a cum slut I am. I was entertaining a bunch of guys last night. It was a good mix of men and boys, both black and white. Some were even father and son. It was me and 16 guys crammed in my trailer fucking all night. As you can imagine, I was coated in cum inside and out afterwards. I never let cum go to waste My mom taught me that cum was yummy when I was young. I have been a cum eating whore ever since. I squatted over a pitcher and pissed the cum out. I even pushed the cum out of my ass too.  I had cum in my hair, so I rung out the cum chunks in my hair. I flicked it off my tits and face and I had a pitcher full of cum in no time. I have guzzled down a pitcher of cum before. What I did last night, however, was make cum cubes. I poured it into ice cube trays and froze it. I love popping a few in my mouth or my beer. A cum whore like me can never get enough jizz.

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