I am one nasty chick!

toilet sexSo the other day I was on the phone with one of my more regular callers and I was doing what he loves best – taking a fat shit with him on the phone. Well I was holding my phone real close to the toilet of course so he could hear it pushing out and plopping into the toilet…well I guess I was clumsy or something and it dropped right into the toilet! I stared in the toilet for only a moment, I’m no prude so I grabbed it right out. It of course was covered in the hot shit I had just pushed out but surprisingly seemed to still be working. My caller was even still on the phone! I knew he would love to know what I was doing so I let him know I had dropped my phone in my shit but I was going to lick it clean so not to worry. I knew this would drive him crazy! I began to slowly lick it up tasting it and making sure he heard me doing so. This was definitely not my first time tasting my shit, and it wouldn’t be my last either. I moaned and told him how it tasted, how it was still warm too. He told me to take some and rub it on my chest and my nipples so I did what he asked then put the phone back up to my ear – with shit still on it nonetheless. This was probably the best toilet play experience my caller had ever had, and I was having fun too hearing him rub his hard cock and taking his orders through each moan. I knew it wouldn’t be long for him to explode! So I hurried up and peed in a cup holding the phone so he could still hear but of course not dropping it this time…and I took a couple sips and poured it all over my already filthy body. At the same time he came hard and I smiled, I did tell you after all that I’m known as the nasty girl.

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