Hot to Trot Gets Rejected

Big dick sucker

I saw a complete hottie washing his car today, so I decided to walk over and introduce myself. I put on my favorite white camisole top and denim mini, and let my hair down. As I walked up, his attention stayed steady on the car he was spraying down. I came to stand right beside him, and offered a bright, if brisk, greeting. He didn’t even twitch, so determined was he to ignore me. I walked around to the other side of his car, acting as if the car was my sole interest. I feigned the most intense desire to know all about the car, but his answers were curt, at best. So, by way of trying to be a good neighbor, I left it be. He can ignore me for now, but this hot little piece of ass right here will be ready and willing when that delicious hunk of man-candy is ready to be devoured. And I assure you, he will come to, and for, me.

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