Hot stripper Sex wasn’t enough, I am back sluts!

hot stripper sex

So I traded my hot stripper sex life for the life of a telephone sexy whore.  I’m back, bitches! After thinking I could leave this life of sex on the phone every night and just live off turning tricks at the local strip club, I realized I was missing my calling being away from you all!

I’ve had a whole lot of cum drip out of this nasty pussy since I last wrote here, over a year ago.  I can’t wait to share the stories of the hundreds of cocks I’ve had and the skanky pussy I’ve had my dirty mouth licking since I last left you all.  Nothing makes me happier than rough, nasty, skanky sex. And lots of it!  I love that I’ve had the experience now of being one of the best hookers for hire in my area. I was really good at making that money spreading my legs for whoever chalked up the cash.  However, something was missing in my life.

My callers! I loved y’all and spent many nights dreaming of your cocks. I had a dream one night that you were pissing all over me, lots of you were in this dream. I woke up wet with cum from the dream. It made me realize I am truly missing out if I stayed away from my favorite hard cocked men.  I can still love the stripper and hooker life, but I really needed my live phone sex life to

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