Hot Stripper Sex In VIP Room

I’m a filthy trailer whore that has stripped since before I was of legal age, it’s what I am, a Stripper. I’m always giving back alley blowjobs for two bills and sometimes even for a Bill and a baggie of crack or coke. The high rollers pay well for their slumming and getting a trashy whore like me for Hot stripper sex in the VIP rooms. I have been giving it up for a few bills for as long as I recall. I’m the epitome of a trashy whore and it’s just the way I am. I like my drugs and I love my fill of dick. I have nights where I’m popular with the cheap fucks and slobbering on their rods all night between dances and VIP room visits. My breath smells dick and my quim is smelling as strong after so many lap dances and BBC fucking. I get some guys paying good to pound me with three or four other guys, it seems some guys really want to enjoy a trashy pussy and ass with other cocks and filthy holes filled with jizz. If you need some of this call BJ for some freaky phone sex. I’m mature, hot, nasty and a complete freak baby.

Hot Stripper Sex


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