hot stripper sex and lots of drugs

Hot stripper sex

I have scored the best strip club. I’m so stoked to see what this new adventure will bring. My last strip gig was in cocoa beach, Florida. It was a pretty neat place, but it had nothing compared to the south shore places where I was used to frolicking with the coke dealers. I used to party my ass off and do so much coke that I could barely walk. I was interested in where the best parties were going to be. Whether it was a 10 million dollar yacht or a concert, you will see me having a blast getting all fucked up. I, of course, did some shady things there, so I moved to coca for a new fresh start. All that got boring quickly, so now I am in sin city. I love vegas and love that I could sell my cunt for extra money guys love Hot stripper sex. I love to get high and be a nasty cum dump.

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