Hookers for Hire Stay Their Busiest During the Summer

hookers for hireHookers for hire stay their busiest during the summer months. My two oldest girls will be home for the summer. And I have already booked them many jobs throughout the summer along with their younger sisters. Personally, I love to hook in the summer. Pool orgies. Boat orgies. Plus, lots of exotic trips, especially for my daughters.

But before summer officially starts, I did one last frat house gang bang for the season. Every month I visit this rich boy frat house for a closed party. Just me and about 40 horny college boys. They pool their resources and use some of daddy’s money when they fall short. Frat boys love a trashy milf. And a mature sexy woman can appreciate all that a younger man can offer which is a stiff dick and little rebound time.

Every year I see new studs come into the frat house, and old ones graduate and move on. But I go back years with this frat. When I first started entertaining them on Friday nights, the then frat president’s daddy and I went way back. In fact, that daddy still hires my daughters. Hiring me helped the boys blow off steam and drain their balls. Boy did they need it too. Still do. Coeds might be the biggest cock teases on the planet because they expect boys to shell out a lot of money on them first. But a dirty mom means a sure thing.

A Hooker for Hire will Always Stay Busy with Younger Men

With less than a week left in school, these boys needed to release some stress. And I lent my pussy, mouth and ass to the cause. After I gave them a sexy striptease to warm them up, I began blowing each boy. I went down the line, blowing each cock from the freshmen to the seniors. As the frat appointed gangbang whore, I made sure they were ready for their finals. And they appreciated my skills in relieving the pressure in their balls.

Every frat boy dumped a load in me, with some dumping two loads. I fucked them until they could no longer get their cocks up. That’s the sign of a good ball draining. I came home filled with cum. Covered in it too. But that is never a problem at my house because my daughters love to clean up my mess. Yeah, this sexy mommy is ready for summer.

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