Hookers for Hire Stay Busy Over the Holidays

hookers for hireHookers for hire stay busy over the holidays. Any holiday is busy for a family of whores. But for a mommy whore, it can be the busiest time of the year. I had a few dates Friday, Saturday and last night. All my girls are booked through the end of the year too. Normally, I am not as busy as the jailbait members of the house. But the holidays bring about longings for mommy. I bet you can understand that.

A couple of my “dates” hired me to be their mommy despite them being older or as old as me. I can role play mommy regardless of your age. But the hottest dates I had this weekend hired me to fulfil mom fantasies for their sons. The first boy I fucked was super young. I think daddy hired me as much for him as he did his son. But he just deluded himself into thinking it was all for junior. But I love those young, hairless boys. At that age I can mold them into little sex slaves.

This boy possessed zero skills in the bedroom. But mature sexy prostitutes like me never mind showing a novice how to eat pussy and rub his little nub on her leg. At that age, the cock appears too small still to stay in a whore’s pussy. But at that age it is more about the love and nurturing than the sex. The boy’s mother died delivering him, so he has some mommy issues to work through. But I can help with that by giving him a very special kind of love. The taboo kind of love.

Boys and Men A Like Need a Mommy for the Holidays

Now the second boy was no novice. He appeared to be a normal horny teenage boy in need of a mature woman who would let him do anything he wanted. The kinds of things he sees in porn like anal sex. Although this boy likely has fucked plenty of teen girls, they do not give up the ass. Never do they give up the ass in high school. Not even in the age of Internet porn. But a trashy milf? She gives up all her holes every day and twice on Sunday, LOL.

The second young boy treated me like his personal mommy whore. He fucked all my holes and gave me a load of cum in each. No sweet talk. No cuddling. He was just one horny devil ravaging me like a porn star. I got to be a sweet loving mommy to a young boy and a fuck puppet to a horny teen boy. What a wonderful weekend for me.

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