Hookers for Hire Stay Busy on the Weekends

hookers for hireHookers for hire stay busy on the weekends. Friday nights seem to be when I am in demand the most. My daughters stay busy 24/7. They could be full-time whores if they wanted but daddy and I want them to finish school. I never went to college or high school. Thanks to my husband, I do have a GED. But I want a better life for my offspring. Being a whore lets a woman live in a certain lifestyle, but so does snagging a sugar daddy.

My husband does not force me to be a whore like my parents did. However, I like it. Fucking for money seems like my calling in life. Since I started fucking before I can even remember, being a whore is all I know. Phone whore, real whore, only things I am good at doing. So, I told my husband, if he did not mind, I would like to continue seeing clients. My client list appears far more elite now than it did when my parents pimped me out.

Hookers Love to Drain Cocks Dry, Wallets Too

Last night, a young man hired me. The son of a client of ours. Daddy loves little girls. Junior loves this trashy milf. Seems about right. Younger guys always want to fuck a mature sexy woman. Junior went to college, graduated with honors and now works at a major investments company. He can pay for his own whores now. I took his cherry when he still attended high school. He cannot shake me. However, I do not think he wants to.

Would you try to shake a mature woman with decades of experience. No, you would not. I rode Junior’s cock all night long. He came about 6 times. According to him, no girl his age ever makes him cum like that. My mature cunt can drain a volcano, LOL. Anyway, I spent the night with the lad because he drained me dry too. Wore me out in a good way. Now, I have a cum filled cunt leaking all over the place. Sure, I could let one of my daughters lick it out, and I might still do that. However, I prefer to play with it all day long.

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