Hookers for Hire Sometimes Need Punished

hookers for hireHookers for hire sometimes act out and need punished. Melissa my obstinate whore came home last night with attitude and not nearly enough money. She tried to say she had been licking pussy all day, but she barely smelled of cunt. I don’t know what she was doing, but she wasn’t licking pussy all day. Her sisters were out fucking for money to bring home and Melissa was likely just goofing off and neglecting her duties. I gave her a hardcore spanking first. That bare bottom was bright red. I wasn’t done with her yet. I am the queen bitch around here and with my husband still gone, I needed my cunt licked. What mommy doesn’t like to have her sloppy wet pussy eaten by an angry young girl? I knew Melissa would not want to eat my pussy and ass, which is why I made her do it. If she was going to stay at home tonight without meeting her quota, she was going to earn her keep with her tongue and fingers. I was happy to have her lick my mommy cunt for hours. I came so many times it is possible I drowned her in my cunt juices. She didn’t exactly earn her keep, but she learned the lesson ass or grass, no one sleeps in this house for free.

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