Hookers for Hire Live for Halloween Role Plays

hookers for hireHookers for hire love Halloween. And it always starts early for us. I had the pleasure of being a sexy vampire for a client last night. Not just me, but a couple of my sons too. He wanted to explore this Lost Boys fantasy of his. He told me it stems back to his youth. Hell, I love that movie too. But instead of a male vampire in charge of the boys, I was their vampire guardian.

Clients enjoy exploring a variety of fantasies. Some of our clients just want to role play daddy daughter fantasies, but those fantasies as hot as they are, leave me out in the cold. Unless they want mommy to be their accomplice. Although I get a lot of fantasy role plays on my phone sex line, in my hooker world Johns do not often get this creative.

I Love Creative Role Plays on and off the Phone

Our client even had vials of theater blood to make it real. At least I hope it was theater blood, LOL. My sons got to be the aggressors for once. We turned my boyfriend into a creature of the night. While my oldest boy gave our John a hardcore ass fucking, my youngest fucked our John’s mouth. As soon as my boys filled him up with cum, they turned him. Each boy bit his neck, while I showed my fangs in arousal.

I look good with fangs. So do my boys. It felt fun and liberating to be a blood sucker. My boys swallowed some blood last night, but our John swallowed a ton of cum. My boys got erect again after turning daddy into a fellow creature of the night. They fucked our client with fangs out and cocks out too. I felt mostly benched with this client. He was into those young teen cocks.

But I did not mind because I got to watch one hell of a kinky hardcore orgy porn. And my sons starred in this porn. So, this proud mama pimp watched and masturbated as my sons came to life as bad boy vampires. I love a creative role play on the phone and in the bedroom. But men need to remember that they can role play any month of the year.

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