Hookers for Hire Help Train Your Daughters

hookers for hireHookers for hire get all sorts of strange requests. I mean men are hiring professionals to do the things their wives will not do. Most of the men that hire me or one of my brood are married. Even though my daughters are more popular than me because of their young age, I still get hired often. Last night, a single dad hired me for his daughter. He wanted me to break his daughter in. She thinks she is a princess. She is refusing to suck daddy’s dick. He is a widow and no time to date. His daughter is a hot teen slut and very ungrateful to her father for her expensive lifestyle. She should be doing whatever daddy wants. I do not think the problem is daddy though. I do not believe that she just does not want to show gratitude. After a few hours with the girl, it was my opinion that she is just a cunt licker. She is not into daddy because she is not into dick. I was ready for a challenge. I had my whips and chains packed and ready to use. I never had to discipline her once. The moment she saw me, she crawled to me begging to lick mommy’s pussy. She was not at all how my client described her. She was begging to eat my sloppy wet pussy and rim my asshole. I sat on her face for hours and she never once pleaded for me to stop. I had to use a different technique with her to turn her into the daddy’s slut my client wanted. I bribed her with my pussy. Clearly, the young teen girl is a lesbian. She wants cunt not cock. So, I made a deal with her. Suck it up and be daddy’s fuck toy and get my pussy anytime she wants. My daughters might be jealous, but as a mature woman, I can never have enough cunt lickers. Turned out to be a win win night. I get a new cunt licker on speed dial; my client gets a whore daughter, and my husband gets a happy client.

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    • Wilder on April 25, 2022 at 4:14 pm
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    I never knew that a hooker could do that. That is hot as shit, Lilibeth

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