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hookers for hireHookers for hire are always in demand. You might assume that it is only men who hire whores like me. It is mostly a male clientele who hires me or my Lolita whores, but sometimes women hire whores too. Not just boy toys either. Two nights ago, a woman not that much younger than me wanted a lesbian night. This is where it gets kinky as fuck. She wanted me and one of my hot teen slut daughters to join her and her teenage daughter. Hell yes. I love eating a young pussy. My daughter is skilled in the art of pussy licking too. I trained all my girls how to lick and finger me. Every mother should. If you like young teen phone sex, I have some stories to share! I have a new story to add to my sex book too. This woman was a bored trophy wife. She is married to a movie producer who is never home and has lots of mistresses. She has an air tight prenuptial agreement that prevents her from getting any cock. Pussy, however, there is nothing in the agreement that says she cannot scissor, eat or finger a fresh young or mature pussy.

My daughter was as excited as I was for a Mommy and Me play date with another mommy and daughter. This sort of thing does not happen nearly enough. We live in a nice house, but this was a mansion. We went into a bedroom that was so massive, I could have gotten lost. I spent all four hours though on her huge bed eating cunt. Her cunt and her daughter’s cunt too. I know how to make a pussy squirt with my fingers. Some rough finger banging with my tongue on the clit meant my face was getting doused in girl juice all night long. This was one of the hotter moments I have had as a hooker. Sensual and dirty. Sexy prostitutes  have the best lives.

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