Hookers for Hire Excel at Prostate Milking

Hookehookers for hirers for hire often play with women too. Sometimes “Johns” hire two hookers for a fantasy. Not all hookers will play with other women, but I will. I’m bisexual. As a mother to 4 girls, I enjoy eating pussy and having girl time too. So, when Luke told me he hired another pro woman too, I did not bat an eyelash. I just hoped she looked hot. And she did. Almost a younger version of me. She could pass as my daughter. That made me even more excited to play with her.

Luke has dick issues. Sometimes Viagra works, sometimes it doesn’t. He likes the visual of two women fucking to help his cock. He also enjoys prostate massages. Something I excel at having an older husband and lots of older “Johns.” Luke used to hire me and my daughters often. He is an old friend of my husband’s, but he cannot keep up with young girls anymore.  But he knows I can drain his balls the medical way if necessary.

Age effects a man sexually. It’s unfair, I know. But sexy prostitutes enjoy prostate milking too. My younger whore did not know how to milk a prostate. Hell, I do not think she even knew how to find it. But I taught her. I had Luke bend over for us. I dipped my finger in Vaseline and worked my finger up his ass until I found his magic spot. My fellow whore seemed amazed that I could raise the dead with just my finger. I had her suck his cock while I massaged his prostate.

Paid Whores Get That Cum From Your Balls One Way or Another

However, she disappointed me. She spit out his cum once I managed to open the flood gates. Luke paid us to drain his balls one way or another. And sure, backed up cum might be more pungent that a normal load of jizz, but you never spit out the cum. You gargle that shit like it is a fine wine. So, I benched the other hooker. Made her watch me do the job of two whores. Not only did I milk Luke’s prostate, but I showed the other whore how to be a good cum guzzling slut.

When you are a paid companion for men, you learn all sorts of tricks to make men cum. And you learn to make men feel special. I promise, I can drain your balls too. One way or another.

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