Hookers for Hire Bitch Slap!

hookers for hire

     Hooker for hires  which is what I was getting called in the street, was getting this city in lock down.  I was really into getting paid and being the baddest bitch in Chicago! No matter what I was going to rise to the top with youI believe that if Ghost was going to kill me when he was my pimp surely the need to have meth and your cock would do me in at some point. I was fucking drunk as a mother fucker listening to your stories and I could have cared less about what you were saying as long as you stuffed my fucking mouth with your cock. I was trying not for you to stretch the hell out of my ass because I had a client not less than ten minutes away but you would hear none of it! You wanted my nigger cunt and you were going to stretch the fuck out of it! You even told me you had a surprise for me! There on the bed was a big gigantic dick cock which you were about to suck to death and have shoved deep up your asshole.

     I guess the higher we got the more things we were willing to do! I didn’t care as long as we kept tweaking together and I could feel the tip of that cock inside me. Slapping me across the face because you knew I liked that hard ass bitch shit I felt you rip me open and I knew that you had a mission this morning! I took the last bit of meth we had between us and tried to lay back for all you wanted to me! I was sure of two things you were high as hell and whatever you decided to stuff in my holes this morning was going to be a totally fucked up thing because of the disrespect I had showed you the night before. Word to the wise you never disrespect your pimp by looking at another mother fucker. As I saw the lighter go near my clit and the sinister look on your face, I knew I had fucked up royally! Spreading my legs I accepted my fate and let you do your worse to this little ho!

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