Star Wars Fuckery

trashy milf BethanyAs I’m sure you’re well aware, today is Star Wars Day, due to it being May the 4th (“May the Fourth be with you!”). This gives plenty of options for extra sexy experiences. Science fiction is fun!

The first step: Put on your favorite Star Wars movie. Some people like to start with Episode 1 because it’s “number 1,” but I’m a little older than the rapscallions who think that the number means anything, so I start with Episode 4.

The next step: Pick your favorite game. I get my favorite lovers to come over and we practice the Trench Run over and over, with one of them playing Luke Skywalker and the others playing the Tie Fighters, trying to knock his cock out of the way while he tries to aim his way into my pussy. Best is if he just jerks off and manages to land his stream in my pussy or ass – bonus points for him!

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The third step: Dress up! During Episode 6, Leia dresses up as a slave to Jabba the Hut, so to celebrate the holiday, I get out my best Slave Leia outfit for some more celebrations. The boys, well, I like ‘em hairy (not quite has hairy as Chewy), and I much prefer being slave to them as opposed to that big fat motherfucker Jabba, so I act as a little slave girl to my boys for a while, seeing to their every need.

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The fourth step: Fighting, of course. The boys put on Stormtrooper masks and have a battle, of sorts. I lay down, and they try to jerk off on my face. But of course, the masks kind of impede their vision, so if they can’t see, they can’t aim well (in typical Stormtrooper fashion), so if they miss, they have to do a shot. The one that’s most drunk has to lick me clean.

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Finally, we play “Who’s your Daddy?” and we see who can make me scream the most while he fucks me. Of course, I’m trying, at the same time, to make him call out my name, but invariably, we all win this game.

I love May the Fourth. It’s possibly my favorite holiday!

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