Hookers for hire arrives to a Neighborhood Near You!


Hookers for hire

Did you hear about the Hookers for hire company that’s moved into suburbia? With the fed increasing rates housewifes have turned to hooking. And I for one, am one of them. But I always wanted to be a milk pumping cum dump. I always wanted to have many many loads of cum that were pumped with just using my hands and mouth alone. Since HFH (Hookers for Hire) incorporated in our town I’m been non stop busy. Just last night I was pulled out of bed by some young men wanting to pop their cherries. Their balls were so tight and cute, I just couldn’t get enough of making them squeal as I licked and caressed their compact nut sac. So many basic bitches are happy to be boring house fucks, not I. I want to have a cum filled cunt and jizz spewing from the crevices of my slutty lips.

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