Hookers For Hire are for Women Too

hookers for hireHookers for hire are for women too. My daughters and I are mostly hired by men to fuck men. Occasionally, though, a woman hires us. Last night, a woman wanted me and two of my daughters. I thought she wanted some Sapphic orgy. She wanted me and my daughters to train her girls how to eat pussy. She was my kind of woman. She is a wealthy widow. She married some rich old guy who left her set for life. She informed me that if she had well-trained cunt lickers she would not have to marry again and risk losing her inherited millions. California has awful laws for divorce. A trophy wife can get screwed. She does not want to marry again, but she has sexual needs. I get that. I am hornier now than I ever was. I get plenty of at home attention. I would be hiring studs if I did not have an army of brats at home to eat my sloppy wet pussy. Her daughters were younger than my girls, but I have no limits when it comes to training girls. I was trained straight out of the womb to be a little whore. The girls were not the most willing in the beginning. I showed our client some of my motivational secrets for getting little whores to eat pussy. It worked. I put some chocolate in my cunt and those girls were eating me out in no time. My daughters showed them how they eat my pussy too. Before long, we were in a daisy circle eating pussy while the matriarch watched and masturbated. I do not think pussy is a substitute for cock if you are not a lesbian, but I understood her desire to protect her newfound wealth. I told her that her girls were natural cunt lickers and if she ever wanted to make money, I could help them become young sexy prostitutes too. Not my normal client experience, but it is always a hot time when I get to eat young pussy I did not bring into this world.

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