Hookers for Hire are for Women Too

hookers for hireHookers for hire get hired by women too. Mostly, my clients are male. They want a sexy milf or they want some young sluts. But you cannot be a good whore and not eat pussy. I was hired last night by a woman. A sexy fucking woman too. She hired me and two of my daughters for a Sapphic orgy. We do not get enough requests for that. Women can be perverts for jailbait flesh just like men. I know I love me some young pussy. More women should hire pussy slaves. For a few hours, my daughters and I worshiped this woman’s beautiful cunt. She is a trophy wife like me, but her husband has an old broke down dick. Because of her prenuptial agreement, she cannot have lovers unless they are women. She is naturally bisexual, so that was not a loophole she minded. I am between her legs a couple times a week. My daughters were bonus this time. We made our client scream and squirt with our tongues. We are all expert cunt lickers. Sexy prostitutes should be. The more things you are willing to do, the more in demand you become. I love eating pussy. I lick my daughters’ cunts daily with or with sperm inside them. I trained all my girls how to be a slave for mommy’s cunt, so they are natural pussy worshipers which means they are in demand little whores just like their mother. Leslie is a beautiful woman with a neglected cunt. We take care of that neglected cunt. She lays back and lets us worship her for hours. I think I can still smell her cunt on my face. She was gushing all over our faces. A few fingers in the right place and a tongue on the clit, and we can give any woman a sloppy wet pussy. My daughters and I came home smelling like pussy and aroused for more. At home, the focus was on my cunt. Good thing I have well-trained cunt lickers. My girls never grow tired of worshiping pussy.


    • Vince on June 30, 2022 at 1:23 pm
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    I want two cunts on my face

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