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hookers for hire dirty MILFThere is this crazy pimp in my neighborhood that I do my best to avoid. Not crazy cuckoo, crazy sick. But, he has the best drugs in town. My husband and I are throwing an orgy for some high end clients of his so we need the best dope we can find. This cat carries every flavor too. He is an old school 70s pimp. Name is Maurice, old enough to be my daddy, and just as twisted. I went to meet him, exchange money for a large stash of coke, X, smack, weed and pills. I had the money, but this crazy mother fucker didn’t want my money. He wanted my oldest daughter’s anal cherry and to breed her. He heard that I was a dirty mommy. He heard right, but even I was unsure about her ass being popped by an old black pimp with a rumored 16 inch cock, let alone bred by him. She just started her period.

He was adamant that he was not doing business with me unless I gave up my daughter. I told him I needed to think about it. Gave me an hour to make up my mind. Best party favors in town to violate my daughter’s ass, then knock her up so he’d have a cute little bi-racial nugget to whore out. What the hell, my daddy bred me at that age, sold my little ones off to support us. I went home to get my daughter. She looks just like me, younger of course, darker hair, slimmer, tits not as big yet, but knock that slut up and her boobs will be round and full like mine.

trashy milf young pussy for hireI told her she needed to help mommy out. “You can study later,” I told her. I dressed her up in a slutty little school girl outfit and went back to Maurice’s lair. It was all tricked out. Shag walls, floors, a disco ball, serving trays of coke, whores galore everywhere. He insisted I watch. I kissed my baby girl’s forehead, “Make mommy proud,” I said. She did a few lines of coke to take the nerves off before he pushed her to the ground to suck his cock. I wanted to see if it was as big as folks said. It was bigger. My daughter screamed when she saw it. She tried to run away, but that was a mistake. Maurice went crazy. Smacked her hard across the face and skull fucked her. She was gagging. I should have felt bad for my baby, but I was turned on. My cunt was drenched. He used the same amount of force on her ass too. No lube. Just straight up fucked her virgin ass until his anaconda was covered in a cherry juice and shit. He then took his shit stick and shoved it up her tight cunnie. His huge black balls slapping her ass so hard, I know she will be bruised tomorrow.

Hooker phone sex incest mommyWhen he dumped his spunk in her barely teen twat, he yanked her up by her legs and held her pussy lips together so none of his baby batter leaked out. After he was confident his swimmers reached her eggs, he shoved his bloody shit covered monster cock in her mouth and made her clean it off. I must have cum a dozen times watching him violate my baby girl’s fuck holes. He told me she is going to sire him a slew of pretty whores who will earn him top dollar. Probably true. I’m actually looking forward to playing with her pregnant pussy in a few months. I don’t care if it makes me a bad mommy. I will breed any one of my young bitches for the right price. Maurice may be a crazy old mother fucker, but he does have the best drugs in town and the biggest fucking dick around. If I was only 30 years younger, maybe he would fuck me too.

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