Hookers for hire

hookers for hireHookers for hire I walked all over campus with a shirt that read that. I got so many advances from all types of classmates. Two guys from class even followed me home. I thought they were just playing around when they told me they were going to make use of what my t-shirt read.Well, I found out quickly they were serious about wanting me to be their personal hooker. I shrugged them off and soon after I got home I realize they were outside. I didn’t think much it is a college city and they could very well live in the neighborhood but, I had a gut instinct they didn’t and very quickly I realized they weren’t strolling by to say hi either, they liked my shirt and wanted to make me their hooker for the day. I was not having it and was asking them to leave and stop playing around. They were getting angry that I wouldn’t just shut up and let them use me.  So they started to tie me up and tag team me. I was being fucked from both sides at the very same time. When they were done using me they left me on the ground, they even threw crisp 20 dollar bill at me.

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