Holes For Unfaithful Men!

Big dick suckerSince I decided to play with myself in front of the whole town the other day I have had lots of requests from all the locals. As if I wasn’t already labeled as the trailer park stripper slut who fucks everyone in town! Now everyone has pretty much saw my tits, cunt ans ass on display so they all feel like they are owed something. I mean I guess they aren’t exactly wrong considering I am fucking whore and made them all horny and hard in the middle of the day. They have every right to feel like they are owed something from me. 

So I took it to face value and realized it would only be fair if I showed them all what these holes can do. This is peter and he is the one who had an angry wife the day I fucked my cunt by the pool. She was screaming at him and called him a perv for watching. Apparently that night she threatened to divorce him if he didn’t get his act together. She left town for a few days while he was supposed to get rid of all his porns, etc. He was pretty pissed off that my actions caused him to be caught up with his wife figuring out what he does. 

He came over and demanded that I get on my knees and suck him off. He said it was going to be his last encounter before his wife got back to see his changed behaviors. He said he wanted it nasty and sloppy because I am the last hole he can fuck besides his wife from this point forward. He was pretty mad at me and told me I should have just went over and asked for his cock instead of spreading my legs mid day and being caught by everyone. I laughed as he told me how much of a stupid skank I was as he pumped his hard cock down my throat. 

He nutted down my throat and made me swallow it. He told me would most likely be back tonight for my ass hole and cunt before his wife came back tomorrow. He said he wanted to blow a few more loads to cock slut before he has to be a decent man to his wife. I just laughed because we all know he will be back for some more of me in no time. Next time I will invite him to the club when I dance and give him a free private session. We will see if the little pervert can keep his cock in his pants after that!

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