High Masturbation

druggy phone sexMy favorite druggy phone sex caller loves to call me and have me smoke a fat joint while I masturbate for him. He loves to stroke his big fat dick. He says a high whore with big tits smoking a joint and masturbating is his favorite. All his girlfriends love to smoke a fatty and pass it to him as he takes his turn and fucks her mouth.

I’m thinking he has a few women like me on the side and only calls me when he wants to hear me light it up and blow smoke all over his cock. And I love it because he knows a high whore is a good whore for fucking. I’m not a shy slut at all, I’ll do a few lines of coke and smoke my Marijuana with you and let my freak flag fly! I’ll lay back on my couch and let you in the world of this dirty stripper slut like never before when I am high as a kite!

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