He will never forget me

live phone sexSo, I fucked this new guy last night and I guarantee you that he will never ever forget me! He had all these nasty desires that he was afraid to share with me, he thought that I would be disgusted by them or even pissed off that he even brought it up but he couldn’t have been more wrong. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to get real freaky so I just took the lead and started begging him to piss all over me. He was shocked that I liked it and even more shocked when I begged for his shit too, he couldn’t believe his luck in finally finding a bitch as nasty as he was! Honestly, it was so hot to get this guy doing all the perverted things he had been fantasizing about for so long, it was like a dam had burst inside him, all those frustrations spilled out and he came harder than he ever had before! I bet he’ll be dreaming about our night together for the rest of his life.

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