Fucked the waiter

cum filled cuntI shouldn’t have maxed out my credit card but I did. I knew I was going to have trouble paying the tab when I went out but assumed I was going to get away with the bill giving the waiter a blowjob. That’s the first thing my mind went to when he told me my card declined. Not only was I mortified but I had a friend with me. My friend offered to pay the tab but ironically hers declined too, Thats when I thought we both could give a jerk session or a suck off sesh and call it day. Well the waiter had another plan. He footed the bill and we both had to stay their till his shift was over. He took us out back to the break room and didn’t want a simple blowjob. He wanted to leave me with a cum filled cunt and wanted to fuck my friend in the ass hard and rough. We had to pay one way or another.

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