He got what he deserved

live phone sexI was at my friend’s house last night hanging out with a  few people and I was drunk as shit. I went to go to the bathroom and I guess I was taking too long cus this guy just barged on in acting all rude telling me I was taking too long. Well that shit pissed me off! Who the fuck was he to just walk in there like that? I was just drunk enough to be a total bitch so I jumped up off the toilet and shoved him down to his knees. I said if he was in such a hurry to get me out of there he could take care of cleaning me up since I was clearly not doing it fast enough for him. Then I shoved his face right in my dirty asshole and made him lick me clean. He was protesting and trying to wiggle away but I had him pinned up against the wall and there was no way for him to get away. He had to lick my shitty asshole until it was clean and only then did he get to use the bathroom. Of course, once I saw that huge cock I had to take that for a spin too, how could I resist?

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