Pimpin’ Out Lolita

Live phone sexThe brat and I still have not found a place to live in our new town so we’ve been staying at the local dive hotel where all the hookers turn their tricks.
I had just finished a night on the pole when there was a knock on our motel door. It was those damn door to door religious rats! Two young boys in suits were going to try to save us!
My angel sat on the bed and listened for a minute and then became bored and started playing with her little cunny.
She was rubbing  her young cunt right through her panties. And watching her was making me so proud, I couldn’t help but get a little moist myself!
It was clearly making the boys uncomfortable because they kept shifting from side to side trying to hide their growing cocks behind their Bible’s!
I think the little fuck doll was enjoying it because she pulled her “day of the week” panties off and started slipping her fingers in her kitty.
The poor boys started salivating as they watched that sweet young thing finger fuck herself!
I asked them if they wanted a taste and my girl held up her glistening hands to offer a lick!
The tiny cock rockers couldn’t help them selves and they crawled in the bed with her, taking turns eating her hairless young snatch! You should have heard her squeal as they held her legs and forced their meat deep in her tight young cunt!
Her tiny body looked like a doll as she bounced on one cock and sucked the other and I couldn’t help playing with my clit as I watched!
When she was done, there was not a spot on her body that wasn’t splattered with Bible thumping pussy loving cock spit!
I held out my hand and said that will be fifty bucks!
They looked at me with disbelief.
Come on now, Mama’s gotta pay rent!

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