Hard Day At Work!

Cum filled CuntOn my down time I get to search the stacks for the nastiest and most provocative sexual behaviors throughout history. It’s amazing how horny and slutty girls have been throughout all of humanity. It really is just our nature to take fat cocks between our legs. I want to be bent over like the red light district girls of Amsterdam or used up and tossed out like the ever changing types of prostitutes all societies have some form of. It’s just another section of my favorite fuck spot in the library that I rifle through. The countless men I’ve straddled and been penetrated by throughout my time working here. They see my buttons pop open to release these fat fucking tits out of my top and sweater. I pull my steamy glasses down and just give them this look like “show me what you can teach me with that rod of yours” and I get mouth fucked by their eager erections. I just always hope I have enough time to clean up before going back to the check out desk before I do it all over again.

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