Happy Humiliation Day

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You saw me sitting outside the strip club. My car wouldn’t start and I was waiting for a friend to come pick me up. You got out of your car and started walking towards me. I wasn’t nervous since I get approached by horny guys all the time. But you seemed nice. You invited me back to your apartment to enjoy some drinks and maybe a little something extra. I get in your car and we arrive at your apartment. You have a nice apartment and I’m very impressed. It’s very different from the trailer I’m used to. We start drinking and chatting about how our day is on your balcony. Next thing I know, I start getting dizzy. The room is spinning and my body feels limp. I try asking you what was happening but my speech is slurred. You just laugh and tell me you have drugged me. It’s your way of celebrating Humiliation day. My mind freaks out but my body can’t react. You start taking off my clothes. I tell you no but you don’t give a shit. You rip my clothes off one by one. You tell me you are going to fuck my limb body like a piece of meat right on the balcony so everyone knows what a little whore I am. I feel your cock rub against my clit and it does make me a little wet. You keep calling me your little whore while you fuck my cunt. Right when you shoot your hot load into my cunt, you tell me “Happy Humiliation Day my little whore”.

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