Happy “Hot Stripper Sex” Halloween

We sure had some fun back in the day with all that Hot stripper sex. –Hot stripper sexHalloween brings back so many evil phone sex memories and I love it when we relive them through our calls. Ghosts, skeletons, and dead bodies aren’t just stuff you get at the hobby lobby to decorate and impress your neighbors. They are part of some of the hottest phone sex fantasies you can have.

When my older cousins took me to the nearby graveyard growing up, you could see the orange lights in the distance from the decorated houses. The air was chilled and spooky. I was so trusting and innocent. Until that night that is.  When they started digging, I just looked the other way. I didn’t want to be a snitch. But when you got to the body, I knew it was getting far too real.  I couldn’t turn back now.

They told me to undress. So I did. Each time I took something off one of my cousins took it and threw it in a nearby fire. As they pulled the body out, I was completely shocked. They continued digging into the body of a young woman and as they pulled it out, it was decomposing in parts but parts were very real. They made me take a knife and cut parts of the body for souvenirs. They photographed my naked body with the buried body they uncovered. They made me pose as if I was humping the dead woman and forced my hand up her dead cunt.

It was so wrong but looking back, it also turned me on like crazy. I love visiting graveyards now and would love to visit one this Halloween with you!

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