Happy Holidays with Ellen

Druggy phone sex.

Today anything goes. I want to see, smell and have all kinds of weed today. I am selling my dirty whore pussy for some greens. 420 to me means Ill be making some serious greens. I will do anything to stay fucked up all god damn day. Bring me around town with your friends. Guarantee me that good lush green shit. Not only will you get to fuck me, but you can split these trees with me! I know you want this pussy.

Freaky phone sex

You want this dirty pussy filled with cum before you fuck me. You always joke around about sex. You never make your move and you know I Am a dirty fucking whore. Take me to all your dope boys and tonight I swear to god I will suck and fuck all the cum out of your balls. I know you want to blow smoke up my gaping asshole and pussy. Then you wanna suck it all out including the cum up my dirty holes!! Lets get fucked up!

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