Grand Slam

Live Phone SexIt takes a special girl to be able to be gang banged on a regular basis.

Some girls get a little drunk or high and then blame it on being wasted.

I do it because I fucking love as many cocks stuffed inside of me as possible!

I call myself the leader of the gang bang.

I started out just fucking a couple of different guys on the same day and the first time, I felt a little dirty. But then I though, hey, I am a whore. No point in pretending to be something your not!

Besides, we all have our addictions! For some it is coke or meth or alcohol. For me it’s cocks! Not that I am a stranger to the coke or meth or alcohol!

It takes a lot of practice to be able to handle so many guys so many times.

My pussy and mouth can take a pounding from tons of guys, and still they can’t satisfy me.

I can easily take on five guys at once. One or two in my pussy (I crave that stretched to the limit sensation!), one in my asshole, one in my mouth, and one for each hand as I jerk them off.

I never have to worry about getting a guy. They all want me cus they know I am a sure thing and they know that I will fuck them harder than any “good” girl ever would!

And they love me cus they know I don’t want any type of commitment!

Just buy me a few shots, a line or two and pump me full of your warm gooey cum!

My cunt is juicing right now just thinking about it!

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