Glazed n Confused

anal cum dumpster

One thing I like more than one cock is three. When one of the customers brought back his co-workers for their lunch break, they were ready to be greeted by the librarian the anal cum dumpster. Yes that me! I cum, and when it comes in two and threes you know, I’m ready to get on my knees and plead for more and more. I love cocks galore! When I get that cum right in my face that when I know, I did something right. I just need delish loads on my tits face ass and mouth. I just like it everywhere; If I could sunbathe in it, I would too. Just get me glazed with the cum till I’m covered. I want to be sucking and fucking till I lose all my senses. I think having a cock rammed up my twat and ass will leave me loopy and glazed and confused. I just what to take my times and deepthroat you till your eyes roll back and you can’t take it. The look in a guys eyes when he is about to bust makes my twat seep with a bunch of pussy juice. My customer and his co-workers came twice but left once. 😉

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