Get high with me

Druggy phone sex

Sex while you’re fucked up and high as hell is the best sex. When I’m on something, it’s like my body feels all tingly and my pussy and nipples are more sensitive than ever before. I don’t care what it is, weed, coke, pills, I love it all. I especially love it when I can blaze up on a call or do a line at the same time as you and then get really nasty. We’ll use your drug of choice and once we’re nice and fucked up, I want to hear about all the hot and dirty things you want to do to me while I rub my wet pussy and let that euphoric and relaxing feeling from the drugs wash over me. The best orgasms of my life have been when I’m blitzed and too faded to think straight. That sounds like a lot of fun to me. What do you think?

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