Garden Party

Cum Dumpster I was out doing my gardening today. Of course I was only wearing my tiny little skirt and NO panties. I wanted to make sure EVERYONE had a GREAT view of my bald cunt! I wore a cut off t shirt that says “Easy” In case my bald visible cunt didn’t give that fact away! I love the look of a clean well trimmed lawn. In front of my house and in between my legs! I knew it would not take to long to find a new gardener! And I was right! A work truck was passing by full of mexicians! They were on the way to do the lawn down the street. But I distracted them! There was 4 big strong men who all asked if I needed help with my yard. I gave them the biggest smile! I told them that If they trimmed up my yard I would let them fuck me! And they started working HARD! I knew that yard would be done in minutes so I hurried inside to get ready. I pulled out all my toys and oils. Then I stripped down to NOTHING! I didnt want to wait for them to finish so I went to do the door and called out they could finish that LATER! Now it was MY TURN! Those 4 men took me right there in my living room. One big fat cock up my ass. One in my cunt and two cocks I had to suck and lick! That is until we switched it up. It was like the guys were doing musical chairs with my fucking body! It was FANTASTIC! I got fucked so fucking good!

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