Furry Friends

furry friends phone sex

This slut gets paid to do a lot of freaky shit. When My brother told me he had an unusual client for me to fuck after my set I thought pissing or maybe even a shit sex lover. I had done all kinds of fucked up shit for coke and cash so I was interested. I am promised my brothers big curved cock down my White trash hooker throat and a fat line of coke before we meet up with the perverted John. I get thrown on my back my clothes stripped off and I am gagged by that long curved fuckrod until I get a hot load of cum for my belly. I turn to see this huge Furry friend whose balls hang lower than any mans I fucking ever saw. Socks are on each of his four paws and his red rocket is halfway out. My bother and the pervert boy have me on my hands and knees taking fido cock before This monster is positioned behind me to get some stripper coke whore pussy.  The Fun part was hearing the mutt howl as he let loose thinking we were hooked together, I just pushed him out and jacked him off so he could get satisfied and I could get more brother cock and coke!

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