Furry Friends Playtime

Furry friends phone sex CarrieI love having special playtime with my furry friends! We always have such a sexy and yummy time together! It’s so much fun to experiment with different foods and goodies, I love letting them lick it off of my body and out of my tight little holes and cracks, it turns me on so fucking much! My furry little boy Dexter has a super long tongue and he knows how to work it amazingly! I’ll line up a bunch of different treats in front of him and whichever one he is drawn to he will bark at and that’s how I know which one he wants me to use with him! His favorite food that he usually goes for to lick up off of me is marshmallow cream! I’ll unscrew the cap off of the jar and he wags his tail and twirls around in circles because he is so excited! I scoop big globs of it out of the jar and smear it all over my pussy, asshole, nipples and stomach! Dexter loves to make sure I am licked clean and not a drop of that yummy cream is left to be found! He licks my clit so fucking good, I always squirt cum so hard which he loves to slurp up to wash down all the sweet marshmallow deliciousness! His tongue is so long, it digs deep into my asshole and he scrapes out some shit too which he loves to eat! Dexter knows how to hit all the right angles, he’s the best sexual furry friend a girl could ask for!

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