Fun at the Library!

Cum Filled cuntThe library is closed today. Which is a perfect day to throw a little Fathers day party! Well.. I called it “Big Daddy’s” party! All my friends brought over all there “Big Daddy” and it was a “clothing optional” party. Lol. That made it even better! Because the ladies wore their tiny little panties and stockings. But that was it! And of course they lost their panties pretty fast! I love parting with big daddies because they love to share! All the ladies being passed around like a used book! That is what I call a party at the Library. I jumped right in! All those fat cocks just needed my private attention. And the more I sucked and fucked the more I wanted! I got pounded in every hole! And every where I looked there was fucking! It was the best day I have ever had at the library! Happy Fathers day big Daddy!

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