Fucked up

live phone sexFuck I need a fucking fix. So does he, this sorry excuse for a BF. We’re fucking broke, what does he expect me to fucking do? But if I don’t try, he’ll beat the fucking snot out of me. So I go see my hookup guy, I’ll call him “A.”

He’s not too happy to see me, I’m at least 2 dime bags behind on paying him already. I beg him to help me out. There’s just gotta be something he can do to help me. I can’t go back empty handed.

He stops and looks at me, on my knees begging and twitching. “How about this, you owe me already, adn I know you’re just a dumb fucking bag whore druggy slut, suck my cock, I’ll give you a bump while you’re at it, and then we’ll talk.” I beg him not to make me do it, if I go back with dick on my breath again, he’ll knock me the fuck out. But it’s your only offer, take it or leave it. Fuck! Fuck, fuck fuck….fine..OK….

I start going to town on his dirty dick, face fucking the shit out of that meat. Once he’s rock hard and I’m making progress, he says “bitch, this isn’t good enough, I’m high and coming isn’t easy, I’m getting in that fucking pussy of yours.”

Oh fuck, I’m a dead woman. If I don’t, I go back empty handed and get beat the fuck up. If I do, and go back with a cum-filled cunt, I’ll get beaten the fuck up, but likely a little less than before. FUUCCKK! OK, I lay back. BAM! He fucking slams into my cunt hard. He’s fucking the shit out of me and pauses long enough to slam me a hit of coke right into the flesh by my pussy. Fucking-a what a rush! When he enters my cunt again, it’s throbbing and dripping fucking wet. I cum almost immediately when he’s back inside me. I cum several more times before he dumps a massive, sticky load of jizz into my fuckhole.

“Ok you druggy whore, take your dime bag and crawl back to that little BF of yours, with a nasty, cum filled fucking hole. Worthless bitch.”

Cum dumpster, that’s me.

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