Cum Filled Cunts at the Theater

Cum filled cuntI took baby girl to the movies. We saw an animated movie that she’s been begging me to take her to. The movie hadn’t been on for 10 minutes when a couple of strangers joined us, flanking us. I had a feeling about this, but I would wait it out. Sure enough, within minutes, the guys were massaging our shoulders and pressing their hands into our thighs. Baby girl and I obliged by reaching into their pants to give them a nice hand job, but turned our own attentions to each other. We started kissing, which drew the guys’ attentions. It wasn’t long after that that the guys pulled each of us onto their laps and sheathed their hard cocks in our tight, wet pussies. We kept making out with each other, which really drove the guys mad. They fucked our little cunts for the rest of the movie, only getting off once the credits started rolling. We walked out of that theater hand-in-hand with dripping cunts and smiling faces. I love going to the movies!

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