Fucked Up Community Service

Having to do community service for nudity in public is the worst, but my day got worst when the cop who arrested me pulled up next to me and told me to get in the car. As soon as I get in the car, he pulls off fast and tells me he has something for me to learn a lesson from. He slaps me and tell me I better listen and do as he says, he handcuffs me and I knew I was in trouble. He grabs my face and forces my mouth open sticking his fat cock in my mouth, while fucking my mouth he tells me that I looked like a good whore when he arrested me and he had been thinking about using and taking my body since then. As he fucked my mouth hard, he was ripping my clothes off, he saw my tits and started pulling my nipples so hard I felt like he was going to rip them off. He turns me around and I can hear him spit on his dick and with one shove he was balls deep in my ass. Ripping my ass open was his whole goal, he took two fingers and pushed them deep in my pussy as he fucked me ass hard probing me trying to feel how deep he was in me. He didn’t stop until he bite me and started pumping hot cum deep in my ass. After he was finished, he told me I was his new whore and there was nothing I could do about it. Extreme phone sex

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