Fucked my friend’s husband

Creampie slutI was so fuckin horny that I couldn’t resist myself any longer. My slutty cunt got the best of me yet again! Why am I such a creampie slut?! Lol, it’s so bad! I’m sorry but i’m really not sorry, my friend’s husband is so fucking sexy, he’s irresistible quite frankly! I was super fucked up off of some blow and my friend’s boring ass went to bed early. That was a huge mistake of her to leave me all alone with her husband while i’m blown off of my ass! She was knocked out cold and I was wide awake so I figured it would be the perfect timing for me to make my move on her hott hubby. He’s such a tasty piece of ass, I yanked his pants down and let his huge cock plop out onto my face! I had a feeling he was well-hung, and I know for a fact that he loves freshly fucked pussy! No wonder he never stops eye-fucking the shit out of me! My cunt was gushing wet for him and I took his dick like a fuckin champ. This will just be our little secret or maybe we should tell my friend and have her join us next time!

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