Fuck Me Hard


No taboo phone sex

I want you to fuck my pussy good, make me feel like I can feel the best in the world. My cunt is begging for your love I want your huge dick to fuck me so hard. Don’t you know I would do anything to get you in my arms and I don’t think that I would be wrong at all? My body is screaming for loving all night I want you to pierce my pounding purr-fluff and make my girly go crazy. When your warm lips are wrapped around my hard nipples, you drive me so insane, my panties always get soaked. I am a nasty little bitch with a strong desire, you set my slutty girl soul on fire, and you make me want even more. Bitches don’t even get the clue how badly I need you how much I need your long strokes inside of my hot cunt I love what you do to my pussy-cat. You mean the world to me you mean everything and I don’t care that you’re my brother. Bros like you make sisters feel lucky I know all the girls with Brothers like you they really get the best. Mommy said that you were a hunk even before you were able to reach the counter. Mommy said your cock was huge from long, long time ago she said your cop was like commands when you were only a little one. I like what you do to me, and Mommy said she likes you too she has so much fun with you. And when Daddy is videotaping everything he says that he’s impressed because you make him proud. Daddy likes to tell me you can fuck like a Trojan on a mission you’ve got ambition.

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