Cum Dumpster: I’ll Go Down on You in a Theater

cum dumpsterI am a cum dumpster. Anyone who knows me, knows that about me. I have no impulse control. I will go down on you in a movie theater. I went to see a horror flick Saturday with my daughter. We both love scary films. Some teen boys were in the theater. Although the place was not crowded, these teen boys sat right next to us. They could have sat anywhere in the place, but they wanted to be next to us. I knew why. They wanted to see if they could get some movie head or maybe at least a hand job. I am the kind of woman to do that. I have that rode hard put away wet look. Guys like girls like me. These were high school boys. One sat on my side and the other went to set next to my daughter. My daughter and I can multi-task. We pulled out their cocks and stroked while watching the movie. About mid-way through, we gave them head. Their moans were loud, but not louder than the screams on the screen. My daughter and I both had cum dripping off our faces when we left the theater. We didn’t care. I am proud to be a dirty cum guzzling slut. I am proud to have a jizz junkie daughter too.

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