Fuck Me Hard


Cum guzzling slut

I like to get fucked, and I want to fuck now I want my pretty pussy licked I want my ass licked too. I love to get drilled, and I want you to drill me you can fuck me in the back of your car it really Thrills me. I’m a nasty whore I’m a cunt whore bitch I like to be nasty I can’t wait to get fucking out of control. You can do whatever you want you can bring your brother along I need to fill both of my holes up and I’ve got my father here too I’ll suck his cock in front of your face and make you feel so hot. Do you like it really wild I’m asking you because I can make it come true? What are your fantasies what are your dreams are your joys for me so fucking hot? I’m a cum guzzling slut I like orgies you can put some fucking Dick’s sausages inside of my cunt. Nasty bitches like me we never worried about girlfriends I’ll fuck you in front of your girl I don’t give a fuck. You can fuck me real hard in front of my boyfriend because he’s a wimp I made sure of that so do you want to do more than just be a bystander. I don’t have a lot of love because love is for weak bitches I’ve got a lot of cum because I’m a cum guzzling whore. My cunt is always trying to satisfy you if you’re nasty as fuck then I like that because I’m nasty too.
Like I said I like to get fucked I love to suck dick I want and I desire to be fucked really hard. Kiss my ass suck my booty do whatever makes me feel good I promise you I’m going to do the same. Would you like a rimshot I can give you the best one I’ll have you shaking and twitching and begging for more? Who’s the sluttiest whore in the fucking place I would think that that was me I can get fucked in the morning I can get fucked in the evening. I’ll fuck you right in front of my grandpa why he jacks his old wrinkly dick because he knows exactly who I am he took part in making me this. Do you want to make me moan and groan I can suck your dick to the balls you can shoot cum down my throat I’ll let you do it all night long. Get nasty with me I don’t have any taboos whatsoever. With me, you’re going to have the time of your life you’re definitely going to bust a big fat fucking load, and you’ll be coming back for more I guarantee.

Cum filled cunt

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