Campus cum dumpster

cum dumpsterMost girls in school are looking to be titled most likely to be successful most likely to be famous. I was voted cum dumpster. It started out as a joke between the guys but it ended up making its way all thru social media. The girls can’t stand me and that okay with me. I am a hit with their boyfriends. I am the life of the party and I don’t deny I have great oral skills. I can make any guy break up with their girlfriend. I have always been fond of group activities. You can say I was into all the major school extracurricular activies. The jocks loved me and even the techs got a hold of me. I have always been into men with big cocks. I find that nerds are packing downstairs. My teachers have also gotten to know how much of a cum loving slut I really am. I think I got the title I was hoping for.

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