Fuck and get high

Druggy phone sex

I sniffed one big line of coke. My nose instantly burned and the coke was so good and potent I instantly came on myself. I was naked so you could see the cum running down my leg. It was so creamy and white it look like some ice cream melting down. This must have turned my dealer on. I was already fucking him for this baggie of coke. His cock rocked up at the sight of my cream running down my legs. He lifted me up and started bouncing me on his hard cock until I came three more times. Then he flipped me over and stuck an ecstasy pill in my ass. He started fucking me so hard in my black hole my pussy squirted just from the impact.  I love to get high and just fuck. The high makes me cum so fucking hard. I want to get to high with you and cream all over your dick.

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