Fresh Meat

Hookers for hire



Last night I recruited my niece for my team of hookers for hire.  Her juicy snatch is ripe and ready to take fat cock after fat cock and her flat little titties are just begging for loads of cum.  She’s come a long way from shoving hair brushes and markers into her hungry little cunt.  I knew I could make my rent and get some more party supplies in just a few hours with this hot and tiny whore.  She was itching to get fucked in all her holes plus she knows I’ll show her how to make some good money with her wet cunny.  We blew a bunch of rails then I took her to the adult bookstore where the rich perverts shoot their wads all over the walls and set her up in a booth.  I told the guys that anything goes for $100 each and let them go to town.  I didn’t even look to see what the fuck was going on in there.  I was too busy blowing lines, fingering my gash and counting my cash.



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