Free Ride

Live phone sexI have not fucked so hard in a car since I was much younger!

I had just finished a night with my legs wrapped around the pool and was too tired to walk home.

I went outside and saw an Uber waiting for someone.

He asked if I was his client and of course I said no. I did not have an account.

He motioned to the seat next to him and told me to hop in!

We drove for a minute and then he stopped.

I saw the bulging cock in his pants and I knew what he wanted!

He pushed his seat back to make room for my head and pulled his massive cock out!

He had a raging hard on and I couldn’t wait to pounce on it!

I was on my knees, ass in the air just sucking that fat fuck stick like his cum was liquid gold!

Then I heard my door open and felt this man grab my hips and start rubbing his cock on my ass.

In my profession, you get to know the feeling of a hot hairy cock poking around your fuck holes!

I tried to maneuver away but I was trapped by cocks on each side!

Then I thought, my tight pussy is already starting to crust over from my boss filling it with cum, might as well relube!

So I continued to yank on that Uber cock as I backed my sloppy wet cunt into side car willy.

I don’t mind saying, both of those mighty meats were more than a mouthful and I loved the way backdoor man started filling my ass!

Within minutes I was taking loads in unison, drowning my fucked face and exploding in my tight whore ass!

Guess we all had a free ride that night!

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